Catholic Wedding Program Templates

Program Templates to help you get started with your wording for the inside.
If you are having a Catholic Wedding Ceremony, These Templates will help cut your preperation time a lot. Also, check out our Wedding Program Paper to print your information on.  Click on one of the links below. These are MS Word Documents. Just change the wording to match your wedding ceremony. When you are finished, you can print the inside of your programs yourself or have The Wedding Boutique print them for you.

Here are a couple selections of our wedding program paper. Complete selection available here.

Elegant black swirls on white background 

Catholic Program Template 1 Catholic Program Template 2

Template 2 is an example of a program with a lot of wording.
A block print is advised in this case.


This is what your template 1 should look like if you have Script MTB font on your system.Template