Wedding Program Templates

Wedding program templates on this page are free to download for customers that would like to use them. They are in very plain fonts so that you will not have any trouble reading them. You can use a template direct from Microsoft or download one of ours below. After you download a template, just insert your wedding information. Of course you will want to change the font to something more attractive, that's very easily done after you have edited them. If you would like more directions on dressing up your wedding programs see our "How to make wedding programs" instruction page. If you would like to have us print them for you, we can do that too. Just fill out the template with your wording and attach it to your order. We'll email a proof for your approval prior to printing.

See Our Laser Compatible Program Paper Here 

Use a template from Microsoft or Freebies or use one of ours below

Free Program Templates For The Do-It-Yourself Bride

Template with Plain Font

Template with Script Font

Template with Apple Chancery font

Catholic Template with Script font

Catholic Template with Plain font

We would be happy to print your wedding programs for you.
The cost is only $27.50 per hundred.  Click for instructions

Wedding Program Templates

Full-page wedding program insert template

Half-sheet wedding program insert template

Click the image below to see typical program.

Wedding Programs for CG


Wedding Program Templates  Wedding Program Template

Shown below are some of our most popular wedding program paper. Click on any of them to order. Or view our complete list of available wedding programs. Our wedding programs are sold in packs of 100 for only $11.95 per pack. That's only $11.95 for one hundred single wedding programs in each pack.  See other ideas at Brighthub.



You can print the inside yourself or have us print them for you. Our prices for printing are very reasonable. You can purchase 100 wedding programs with your wedding information already printed inside for about $39.45. We will make sure they are aligned and look nice for your wedding.A proof is always sent to you for final approval prior to printing them.

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